Orti Generali offers the possibility to cultivate, in groups, in the family, as an association or individually; learn, with theoretical and practical training courses, activities and workshops, on issues related to organic farming, horticulture and rural jobs. There are 150 gardens plus an educational center where you can follow the courses.


Orti Generali is located in a river park, on the banks of the Sangone stream, in the Mirafiori south district, 5 minutes from the terminus of tram 4. First an abandoned park with a residual agricultural area, today a park of urban gardens open to citizens and visitors thanks to a concession notice from the City of Turin.


It is grown exclusively organically. In the area we reintroduce trees of ancient varieties, with special attention to plants that favor the repopulation of pollinating insects.

We experiment with technology at the service of the environment: to reduce water waste, a control unit detects local weather, humidity, temperature, and activates a centralized irrigation system for all vegetable gardens if necessary.

We host job grants and training internships, especially for disadvantaged people. In collaboration with the ASL and associations, we carry out rehabilitation and orthotherapy courses.

We propose a site with the crop calendar, plant cards and alerts to notify you when it is time for preventive biological treatments. You will always be assisted by the staff present in the gardens or reachable by phone.


Orti Generali was founded with the aim of building a social enterprise model for the transformation and management of residual urban agricultural areas. The project is the result of a 4-year process of participatory planning that involved schools, associations, gardeners and inhabitants of Mirafiori → Miraorti. Thanks to its social and technological innovation components, Orti Generali wins the call launched by MIUR Smart cities and Communities and Social Innovation and from 2016 to 2019 it launched a research phase supervised by the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.


Orti Generali is a project of the Coefficient Chlorophyll Association, today Orti Generali, and is curated by Stefano Olivari and Matteo Baldo. Stefano, a graduate of the École du Paysage in Versailles, chose the redevelopment of the banks of the Sangone stream for his thesis. Already the creator of the Miraorti project, today he is an established landscape architect. Matteo, professional educator and master’s degree in Sociology, has chosen urban horticulture, with exploratory and quantitative investigations on the Miraorti project and the Sangone agricultural park. The project was born from an idea of Isabella Devecchi, and thanks to the precious help of Marco Bottignole.